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Welcome to my blog. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect of me.

Hello, fellow readers!  In my first official post, I want to share with you one not-so big and not-really-a-secret secret – I LOVE BOOKS! I love to read and discover new stories, new characters, and new worlds. In this blog, I’m going to share with you my thoughts on the books that I read and my recommendations. Not only that but I’m also going to post different tips, suggestions and games, all related some way or another with reading.

As you will notice I’m going to greet you with this – BOOKDRAGONS. I’m sure you’ve heard the word “bookworms”, which is how book lovers are referred to by many people. Well, I don’t agree with that! Just because we like sitting in comfy chairs for hours at the time, completely lost in a book and overall ignoring other people and reality, doesn’t make us worms. Because, you see, one doesn’t not simply sits still and read! No! We concur worlds, we travel to magical places, we fight battles in the past and prepare for those in the future! We meet centaurs, we visit 18th century London and we go to not just to India but to Mars. We don’t weasel in a book, we devour it! We are no worms! We are DRAGONS! So from now on, this is how I’m greeting every one of you, by stating what you and I really are – BOOKDRAGONS.

Going back to reviewing my piles of books, here is the point system that I’ve come up with. As I said, we are all BOOKDRAGONS and that’s why instead of stars, I’m going to appoint DRAGONS:

7 DRAGONS is the highest a book can receive. This means that I absolutely loved it and will be recommending it to everyone for years, maybe a lifetime.

6 DRAGONS mean that I loved the book but there is one thing that didn’t agree with me. This could be something about the story, about a character or something about the structure of the text.

5 DRAGONS mean that there were two things that did sit well with me.

4 DRAGONS mean that there were more than two things that I didn’t like in the book.

3 DRAGONS mean that I had multiple concerns about the book but there were still things I liked, who kept me going with the story.

2 DRAGONS mean that I found one or two things I liked about this book but other than that I was disappointed.

1 DRAGON means I was not happy with the book, but I found one little golden string in it.

0 DRAGONS means there was absolutely nothing that I liked about the book.

So, I hope you guys enjoy my insides and follow me on my journey of reading all I can possibly can. Till next time, dragons!




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