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The Bookdragon Chronicles: Review of Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole

Welcome, BOOKDRAGONS! Today I’m going to share with you my thoughts on a book that https://onlinebookclub.org/ provided me with.

Raven’s Peak is the first book of World on Fire series written by Lincoln Cole. It’s a fantasy novel following the beautiful young hunter Abigail, who’s recovering from near death experience with a mysterious but very powerful demon. Haatim is a confused young man, who’s about to learn that the world is not at all what he thought and his’ theological studies might prove incredibly useful.

Even though I did read in the synopsis that something supernatural might take place in the story, I didn’t expect to be so out in the open from the very beginning. The fact that demons exist and there is a society that fights them is simply that – a fact. It is not questioned and we are not slowly introduced to the idea of supernatural. No, we are in it from head to toes from the start. The only thing that might be considered as Hunting 101 lessons is some brief explanations Abigail gives Haatim. Most of them have to do with the organization of the Council and their role in the world. However, that happens later on. The beginning of the book follows The Reverend – mysterious prisoner in a godforsaken prison, who’s only pleasure comes from self-hurt. His character is dark and a bit confusing but the story moves so quickly that you get the answers almost right the way.

For me, the whole concept of the world in this book is not new and there for I had no problem jumping right in. The mythology is very similar to those of tv shows like Buffy and Supernatural with secret consuls, hunters, and demonic possessions. I’m a huge fan of both shows, so I liked the concept.

Something that I found not so good is that at times the description of the surroundings was a bit too much. Otherwise, there is a lot of action and the characters move quickly from one situation to the next. The second thing that I noticed and didn’t like was how the mini chapters within the chapters were divided. The chapters were separated well according to the action, but the mini chapters divided the situations right in the middle. I felt like I was watching an episode and the screen just goes black in the middle of the conversation for dramatic effect or something and then we go back in.

The story in this book circles around the little town of Raven’s Peak – a quiet place, where nothing ever happens. Or so people thought… After a businessman re-opens the nearby camping site, strange things start to occur. Abigail and Haatim are on their way but not before a little boy stumbles on old ghost town in the middle of woods and discovers he’s not alone.

The characters were very well presented and the reader has the chance to get to know them and relate easily. Unlike other heroines of the genre, Abigail is not just your average tormented character, who only thinks about her mission and how unfair life could be. No, she is sociable, funny and weak sometimes, which makes her more realistic. Haatim is pretty much what you can expect from a character, who is drugged in a new world and this is what can get you fooled. The further the story goes, the more complicated his character becomes.

I enjoyed this book and it didn’t take long to read it. However, it wasn’t a unique story and I had some set backs, which is why I’m giving it 5 DRAGONS. It’s great for people who like the supernatural and the horror genres.

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