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Burg Eltz is a small German Medieval castle situated in a wooden dell close to The Rhine. But in order to get to it, you have to take around 3 km-long hike through the woods. The castle is so well hidden that at some point on the hike you start to wonder if it’s really there.  But then you see it and it’s all worth it. It is in the middle of the valley right on top of a rock basin and it looks straight out of a fairy tale.


Fun fact 1: Burg Eltz actually consists of three castles, one for each of the three noble families who have owned the place since the 16th century. Each has its own architectural style and its own entry. There are many corridors connecting the buildings and one big hall where all of the families can come together.



Fun fact 2: The oldest kid sized bed in Germany is in Burg Eltz. It’s wooden and decorated with different drawings from fairy tales.

Fun fact 3: This one is specifically for book lovers /see, I think about bookdragons even in a travel post/ – A lot of the rooms have book nooks, big and comfortable looking nooks next to the windows. That is due to the fact that back then they have no electricity and they used to read and knit in the sunlight

Fun fact 4:  This castle has never been conquered which is why everything in it is so well preserved.



One little side note: I kind of had a Winterfell vibe when I was there. I don’t know why, maybe because I was so amerced in the 7th Season of Game of Thrones at the time or maybe because this is totally how imagined Winterfell especially when you walk in the big hall where the families gather – it was just right.

*It’s unbelievable how I manage to include books and tv shows in this article about traveling.

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Returning to the point – you can take the tour and I definitely recommend it because there is so much to see. More details about the price and the opening hours you can find on the castle’s site http://burg-eltz.de/de/burg-eltz-reise-und-erlebnisplaner/oeffnungszeiten-und-preise.html

Here is a little video to give you an idea of the castle. Don’t forget to share your experience and recommendations for more travel destinations in the comments. Happy travels! See you next week.




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