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🎬 SUPERNATURAL 🎬 Marathon ideas: Part I

There are two weeks left before Season 13 of Supernatural kicks off. Have you forgotten what happened last year? Do you wish to dive in in this fandom and you cannot wait another two weeks? Do a marathon! I love marathons and I do them whenever I can find the time. I do movie marathons, book marathons and of course, most frequently – tv show marathons. Since Supernatural is one of the longest running shows I follow, it gives me a lot of space to be creative when it comes to doing a marathon. I decided to share my marathon’s ideas with and hope you like them and try them out yourselves. However, since it’s Supernatural we’re talking about, laying down all my ideas in one post would make it a hell of a long thing to read, so I’m dividing my list into two.

Part I:

  1. The Normal Marathon


This basically means start from episode one and keep watching the series in the order they are meant to be watched. This type of marathon is the longest since the show has full 12 seasons and 13th on the way. Even if you don’t have to go to work, take care of the family or meet your friends, finishing the series could still take a couple of days, even more than a week. But it will be a hell of a time back with the Winchesters!


  1. Follow the storylines


That kind of marathon is similar to the 1st one but the difference that you are only interested in particular storylines. I’m giving you an example – you enjoyed the Yellow-Eyed Demon storyline – you watch Season 1 and Season 2. You enjoyed the angels and the whole initial Lucifer story – Season 4 and 5. If you liked the mark of Cane and Sister of God debacle – you get it, right?


  1. All the episodes Bobby is in


There is no question that Bobby is one of the most loved characters who pops in and out and even after he dies in Season 7 the show kept him through a couple of episodes after in the same season. Not only that but he returns almost every year for one episode and now he might be back for more in season 13. He is my favorite hunter and he definitely brings a unique energy to the show. That is why if you, like me, are a fan of Booby Singer, you can watch all of his episodes in a roll.


4. All the episodes with Jo and Ellen

aah35When these two appeared in Season 2 they brought the female presence in the otherwise completely male dominated show. Two women who lost someone and started hunting – the parallel to Sam and Dean’s life. Ellen was also the first mother-like character the show provided for the boys. Plus their episodes are mostly good old hunting cases and isn’t that what the show is really all about.

5.All the Meg episodes


Now, granted she was actually the first female character that stuck for more than an episode before Ellen or Jo but her being bad and everything puts a different spin on things. Her episodes, especially in the begging, are darker but good. After Rachel Minor took the part her character became more comedic and of course, there is the whole Clarence story and who doesn’t get a kick out of that.

6. All the episodes with Charlie

Supernatural-Charlie-pac-man-fever_ltns6oCharlie is a bag of sunshine! I just love her! I love Felicia Day and what she does with the character! Charley’s episodes are also one of the most magical and fairy tale ones – knights, djinns, the wicked witch and many more. Not to mention her kick ass computer skills and constant Harry Potter references! Plus she is the closest thing the boys got to a sister and there were a lot of moments the show exploited that relationship for a good comedy and drama as well. I refuse to believe that the writers won’t find a way to bring her back somehow and until then marathons are all I’ve got.

7. All the episodes with Jody


Now, who doesn’t love this woman! Strong and fierce, she brings so much to this show. And the fun part is that seeing her first episode no one thought we’re going to see her again let a long in hunter gatherings. Plus who else can say they survived a date with Crawley.


8. All the episodes with Clair


Clair is the troubled young girl who always gets herself in the middle of monster situations. The troubled youth is not typically in the boys’ department which means the dynamic of the episode quickly changes. Clair’s connection to Cas and later on to Jody brings a lot of good drama and often puts the brothers in the back seat which is a nice change sometimes.

9. All Donna all the time


I can’t mention Jody and skip Donna now can I? Donna is funny and I just love to listen to her talk. Unfortunately, she has only three episodes so it won’t be much a marathon but there is still room for improvement, right, Mr. Carver?


10. All the episodes with Bella


Another character that hasn’t been on a lot of episodes but I just loved Bella. She was funny, smart and redeemable. The chemistry with Dean was awesome and who can forget the wet dreams Sam hat about her. I don’t think there is any way to bring her back so marathons it is.


11. Garth on my mind



Speaking of fun and lovable characters, does anyone else miss Garth? This Marmaduke lover has been on my mind since the werewolf episode and I just want to see him again.


12. All the episodes with the Ghostfacers


Let’s face it – those two are hilariously stupid. Getting themselves in the harm’s way time and time again is a recipe I still enjoy watching. And the fact that they don’t particularly get along with the boys just makes things better. I hope there is still a way to see them again. Ghost! Ghostfacers!


Number 12 seems like the good number to stop after. See how you like my ideas, give them a try and don’t forget to write me back what you think. Check out the video I made and feel free to comment on any of the social platforms I use. And done forget Part II is coming soon, so stay tuned.


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