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🎬 SUPERNATURAL 🎬 Marathon ideas: Part II

Welcome back, Supernatural lovers. There is still one week left until Supernatural comes back for its 13th season and I cannot wait! Did you do any marathons last week? If that’s the first time you hear of it, don’t waste any time and check out Part I of this list before or right after checking out this one. It really doesn’t matter in which order you read them, as long as you find good ideas for the marathon. So let’s dive in in Part II:

  1. All the ghost episodes


Supernatural is a show that originally told the story of two brothers hunting everything that goes bump in the night so, of course, monster marathons are the best! Seeing how the show’s first case was with a ghost – The Woman in White /who still scares the crap out of me/, you can do the same and kick off with all the ghost episodes which might take you a decent day or two, or three. Just to be safe – call in sick for a week.

  1. All the vampire episodes


We cannot talk monsters without including vampires, which surprisingly are in a lot of episodes even though the show really doesn’t like to deal with vampires a lot since there are so many vampire shows out there. But there are very interesting and funny vampire episodes. There is a lot of Benny to see plus half of the Buffy actors who popped in on Supernatural were all in vamp episodes and were vampires themselves. Coincidence?

  1. All the werewolf episodes


The show has its fair share of werewolf episodes some of which made for very unique Supernatural episodes. Plus who doesn’t want to see Sam and Madison again or Garth trying to explain himself to Dean and patching things up?


4. All the shapeshifter episodes


The shapeshifters are hands down one of the most disgusting creatures in the Supernatural lore but they make for a good story. I enjoyed the one with the baby a lot and would love to see it again.



  1. All the witch episodes


Ok, after shape-shifter’s episode the witch ones are probably the second most disgusting. However, my two favorite Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters made a hell of an appearance as witches, uniting Spike and Cordy on screen in a way after many years and beating the hell out of Sam and Dean at the same time!

  1. All the djinn episodes


The take Supernatural has on these creatures was one that I never thought possible. Still, the djinn episodes have a lot of drama and a lot of character revelations.



  1. All the episodes with reapers or Death


Reapers and Death make for interesting episodes, don’t you think? I love Tessa and I can’t stand Billie so a lot of mixed feelings here. However, Julian Richings is a pleasure to watch. Too bad Dean took him out, or did he? Can you kill Death? Maybe they said something about this somewhere in the Death and Reaper’s episodes. Better check that out.

  1. All the episodes the boys die in


Speaking of Death, it’s no news to anyone that the Winchesters died so many times it’s hard to keep count anymore. Some die episodes were funny, others incredibly emotional but all worth watching.



  1. All the episodes with Gods and Goddesses


To this day the Christmas episode is one of my favorite ones. The showrunners have played so much with Gods outside Christianity and have given us a lot to enjoy. They even incorporated Paris Hilton in an awesome way and that’s not easy to do.


  1. All the Chuck episodes


We can’t speak about religions and gods without our dear old Chuck. He has all kinds of episodes – dramatic, funny, weird, and a lot fan oriented ones. Whether he is with Becky or Amara – he is a delight to watch.




  1. All the episodes with Gabriel


He was one of the trickiest and funniest characters on the show. Richard Speight Jr is missed by many fans and even though he stayed as a director on the show I still want to see him in front of the camera.



  1. All the funny episodes


Now that one is hard. Supernatural is a horror series that became one of the funniest shows on the air. It’s better than a sitcom and the humor is just right! To help you out I’ll throw some names out there: “Changing Channels”, “Tall Tales”, “The Mystery Spot”, “The French Mistake”, “Yellow Fever” and many more.

That’s it! That’s my list of Supernatural marathon ideas. Of course, there are so much more you can do – with John, Mary, Kevin and so on but these are my favorites. You can check out the video I did because I get very excited and inspired when it comes to Supernatural. Did you like my ideas? What are yours? Share your thoughts! There are comment sections here, on my channel and on my Twitter and Instagram, so go nuts!

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