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🎬 Victor Frankenstein | Meet Your Makers 🎬 Movie Review

Happy first day after Halloween, everyone! October is over but that doesn’t mean we can switch that fast and leave the monsters and the supernatural behind. So let me give you another Frankenstein article. This one is going to be about the latest movie adaptation of the story – Victor Frankenstein – Meet Your Makers.

Since my knowledge before I read the book was all over the place – the name of the monster vs not the name of the monster and other weird perceptions about the story, I don’t know why I watched this movie in 2015 when it first came up. Oh, wait! Daniel Radcliff is in it! That’s why I watched it! Anyway, my first impression of the movie was pretty good. It was entertaining, funny and my guy Daniel gave a great performance. First look – a solid 5 stars.

After reading the book I thought it’s only fitting to watch the latest adaptation again. This time around it was definitely different. First, the movie is based on the contemporary adaptation of Mary Shelley’s immortal story and not on the actual novel. That resulted in great changes in the narrative – Frankenstein has only one brother, not two. Henry is the name of his dead brother, not of his best friend. There is no love interest for him and his father is kind of a dick.

Second, the action takes place on the British Islands, no Geneva and just a minute glimpse of the North Pole. The production of the movie is American with a mainly British cast, so they thought “Why not move Frankenstein to London?”. Good for them, it wasn’t a bad idea.

Third, they brought the character of Igor (Daniel Radcliff) from the previous adaptations. Not only that but they made him the main character, with whom we enter the story and meet Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy). The chemistry worked and I feel that through this duo dynamic the nature of Frankenstein – his ambition, his narcissism and his mental instability, became clearer and more vivid then they did in the book. Big credits for that go to James McAvoy.

Even though the character of Walton was never present, Igor took some of his characteristics and served the same purpose – as a contra part to Victor. Both extremely intelligent but where Victor is painfully ambitious to change the world, Igor is more happy with a simple life with no name but love and happiness. No surprise, Daniel Radcliff made this character very sympathetic.

Even though all of these are major differences, I liked the movie a lot. It used the British vibe with the setting, the language, the music and the snarky humor. At some point, you might get it confused with a Sherlock Holmes’ movie. The fact that three of Sherlock’s alumni are present – Andrew Scott, Louise Brealey, and Mark Gatiss, didn’t help. But that is not a bad thing! Especially when you are a fan of the show.

So despite the fact that it is quite different from the original novel, the movie was a joy. It was interesting, thrilling and really made me think about the line between science and the divine, which after all is the main emphasis in the novel. The performance of Daniel Radcliff and James McAvoy is outstanding and the story is definitely worth telling.

I give this movie 5 stars. I’m definitely liking this style of movie making and I wish I could see more of it.

To finish my Frankenstein themed series I made another video that you could watch here.

I want to know what you guys think about the movie, so feel free to speak your mind in the comments. Have a great day, week, month and just remember to have fun!

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