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🐲 THE BOOKDRAGON CHRONICLES 🐲 Game by Anders de la Motte Review

Dear BOOKDRAGONS, it’s time for Crime Mysteries again! As you can probably tell by now, this is one of my favorite genres and it will have a constant presence on this site. Today I want to tell you about a book that I read a couple of years ago because I saw a great review of it. That got me so excited that I rushed to the bookstore and grabbed my copy right away. Now it’s time for me to do a review that will get someone else in the same rush and the circle will be full.

Game is the first book in The Game trilogy: Game, Buzz and Bubble by the Swedish author Anders de la Motte. It’s a wonderful crime thriller that we’ll keep you turning pages late into the night. Swedish literature was something new to me and making this my first encounter paid off. I read the three books in a matter of two weeks. I would have done it faster but I faced some small obstacles like the lack of money and then the slow book delivery.

The Story:

The story follows two main characters. HP or Henrik Petterson is an occasional low life criminal who is always on the lookout for a quick score. He steals from time to time, lies on a daily bases and spends all of his money on drugs, alcohol, and sex. One day when he is riding the metro, he finds a cell phone. Like any self-respected guy he takes it – maybe he can cell it or at least make a few calls and then throw it away. Nice plan except the phone is locked. Giving him a second look he realizes there is no logo, no model, nothing on this phone. Then all of a sudden a message appears on the screen “Do you want to enter The Game?” and HP’s life as he knew it is over.

The second main character is Rachel. She is a policewoman who struggles to keep her relationship, her career goals and her brother in check at the same time. She’s not good with being close to people and she tries to keep Henrik away from all of the other spheres of her life because no one can know that he is her little brother. She continues to stumble upon crimes that at first seem random and unexplainable but she feels like they are a part of something bigger. All of that keeps bringing back her big dark secret no one knows about.

What do I think?

A series of events, risky situations, murders and political plays start to unfold on a scale no one could have imagined. The action keeps you guessing everything you’ve learned so far and the picture changes so fast and unexpected that it feels like you’re reading a couple of different books at the same time. Is it a murder story? Is it a political thriller? Is it psychological? Is it a modern story about the power of technology? No! It’s all of that, nicely packed into one incredible story and Game is just the start of it all.


                                                                                 🐲  🐲  🐲  🐲  🐲  🐲  🐲

It should come as no surprise that I’m giving this book 7 DRAGONS and trust me it’s well deserved.

If you decide to listen to me and pick up this book, I should warn you! First, you’re not just going to read one book – you’re going to devour the whole series, otherwise, you’ll never find peace of mind again. Second, prepare to face a lot of issues of the modern era because these books outline many social problems our society faces on daily bases sometimes without even knowing it. Third, take a few days off because you’ll not going to be able to get anything done until you know how the story of Henrik and Rachel ends.

With that in mind, I leave you with my video review and one big question – do you want to enter The Game?

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