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🐲 THE BOOKDRAGON CHRONICLES 🐲 The Suicide Shop by Jean Teule Review


That’s the motto of this week’s book – The Suicide Shop by Jean Teule. This little and I mean little, book was my first encounter with black comedy and I was blown away. It’s clever yet simple. It says a lot by saying little. It’s just right.

The Story:

The story is set in the future apocalyptic world, where radioactive fuels are something normal, beautiful views are in the past and depression has become a second nature for many. In these dreadful times, the Tuvache family has built a business – The Suicide Shop. Here you can find anything – from loops and swords to poisonous candy. Mishima and Lucrece are proud to have a successful business that helps people make the best choice for their final hours. Their son Vincent is an anorexic young boy with a lot of imagination, which he uses to create innovative technics their clients can use. Their daughter Marilyn is an obese teenager who is mad at them for not letting her end her miserable life. All and all, a great family that Mishima and Lucrece are very proud of.


Everything changes when their third child is born. Alan is a happy young boy who grows every day to be more and more positive, trying to bring light and hope to his family. His parents are devastated. They try everything they can think of to fix Alan but with no result. They are left with constantly apologizing for his behavior and cleaning up his good deeds one after another.

One curious fact about this book is that Jean Teule names three of his characters after very famous people who committed suicides. Mishima is named after Yukio Mishima, Vincent after Vincent van Gogh and Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe.

The ending of this book is completely unforeseeable and I still feel the shock years later. I didn’t agree with it but the fact that surprised me so much comes to show what a great job the author has done deceiving the reader page after page.


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I give this book 6 DRAGONS and I highly recommended to everyone. It’s only 120 pages, so there are no excuses, BOOKDRAGONS.

Don’t forget to watch my video review that contains some glimpses of the movie adaptation of the book and don’t forget to keep reading!

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