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🎬 The Best Tv Shows Christmas Specials 🌲

There are just a four days left till Christmas is here, the holiday’s spirit is everywhere but let’s face it – for a tv buff, the best way to getting into that special Christmas mood is with… CHRISTMAS SPECIALS! The movie industry has been producing holiday movies for the last 50 years but the tv industry is relatively new at that plus Christmas specials themes and storylines have to fit the genre of the show and that gives the writers a lot of room to make their take unique.

There is just one little problem – most shows don’t release their specials around the 24th. Christmas episodes are on the airway earlier than that, sometimes even in November. No complaints! However, it is nice to have something closer to the special date especially since there are no new episodes after the first week of December.

So, my idea for Christmas Mood Activator / CMA – patent pending/  is to go back and watch your favorite shows Christmas episodes from previous seasons! Make a marathon! Or simply enjoy a couple of nights with your favorite characters.

If you’re scrambling for ideas, I’m more than happy to share my Christmas Mood Activator Tv Choices. Read away and let’s hope you find something to your taste.

  1. Here are some ideas about the crime mystery lovers:


Castle has its way to make themed episodes in the wittiest and the most enjoyable way so you’ll a great time with this show.


Adrian Monk is not the most festive guy in the world but if you’re looking for nice riddles and emotional moments – this is the show for you.


Running for 12 years, the show has presented many interesting Christmas murders and a lot of great drama. Booth and Brennan first family Christmas in prison or Caroline’s naughty side – pick and watch.

  1. Dramas


There is no doubt that one of the shows with a special place is O.C. when it comes to Christmas. They even made their own holiday! With four Christmas episodes, who’s up for Chrismukkah?

Las Vegas

Interesting episodes, especially since this show is all about the casino life, which doesn’t exactly scream Santa Clause. But with two Christmas episodes, it definitely makes it into my list!

  1. Supernatural/Fantasy

The Librarians

Even with so little episodes, this show made an awesome Christmas episode and it’s worth watching a couple more times.

Warehouse 13

This show made two Christmas Specials that are perfect for a fantasy CMA! With so many magical objects, sorry, artifacts, it’s bowned to have something festive for the occasion.


A bit of a jump here, I know, but if you’re into folklore, Nick and the gang are what you’ll love. Krampus is waiting.


For 13 years on the air, Sam and Dean had only one Christmas related case but it was a good one! Pagan Gods hunt for people with cookies and garland – here I am. One little extra: Not a Christmas episode but Crowley in onesies is priceless.

  1. Sitcoms

It’s in their nature to have adorable, funny and emotional holiday episodes, so here are my favorites:

Melissa and Joey

This show has a couple of Christmas episodes that go from prison break to old-time family legends and while the lines and the costumes are made up, the fun is real.

How I Met Your Mother

This one has a more adult take on the holidays with lots of made up swears and drama. Robins’ fictional confession or the time Lilly stole Christmas – all good. Plus the beer tradition – the best! I’m adopting that 100%.

The Big Bang Theory

With close to 200 episodes, this comedy brought a lot of fest-oriented episodes like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Columbus Day, Star Wars Day, Comic-Con and so on. Their Christmas ones though are always special yet fresh. You want Sheldon’s first tv hug or Christmas with no Sheldon – they have it all.


The first Christmas episodes I saw! Whether it’s the one with Monica and Ross’s Routine, the one with the Christmas Armadillo or the one where they saved a bunch of Christmas trees – it’s all fun!

So here you have it – my list of shows for CMA! Take it, use it, have fun with it and don’t forget to share your ideas!

Have an awesome Christmas, everyone! Full of great books, amazing shows, exciting trips, Christmas beers and nice chill days with the love ones!

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