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🎬 TOP 5 of The Most Anticipated Tv Shows in 2018 | Tv Shows I cannot wait for in 2018 🎬

I’ve been dwelling on making this article for some time now. I’m afraid that it will turn into a never-ending list of shows. I’ll be writing my ideas one by one, getting more and more excited the further I go and ending up binge watching previous seasons, which will feed my anticipation even more and I’ll explode by the time these shows actually air.

But what’s life without some risks, right? So here we go. DISCLAIMER: This list includes shows that have a season or two under their belt and are airing their new season in 2018.

  1. THE 100

First and foremost I cannot wait to see the new season of The 100! It’s been far too long since the end of season 4 and I cannot re-watch all the season for the 100th time in the past 2 years. I even read the books in a desperate attempt to hush my anticipation. Needless to say, it didn’t do much good. Three more months! I can’t wait that long!


The second show I’m really excited but also really sad to watch is the last season of The Originals. The show got a considerable cut last year because its mother show The Vampire Diaries had its final season and I guess CW wasn’t sure if the spin-off can make it on its own. I believe it can 100% because it’s a much better show to begin with but hey, that’s just me. Lucky we will have one more season and however short it is, I’ll enjoy it until the last possible second!


Another show I really missed is Elementary. This year this Sherlock Homes tv show has gotten a very late start and the season got cut off to 22 episodes due to low ratings. I find that very unfortunate because this is a great show and I don’t wish it to be canceled so let’s just watch the next season and hype about it a little so it stays on the air!


Show №4 has to be the BBC Sherlock but from what I hear that is nothing but a dream. Last season wrapped things up in a way that with no sweat can be a show finale. Rumors have it that both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are very busy with movies and what not and it might take some years until they return to the BBC Sherlock family. Let’s just hope that another season will come however late – 2019, 2020 even 2030 works for me!


Last but not least, as funny and childish as may sound, I can’t wait for A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2. I binge-watched the first season last spring because I just could not miss Neil Patrick Harris’ new show! It was hilarious! The song was stuck in my head for months!

So that is it – my list for 2018 Most Anticipated Tv Shows! My video is already up so go give that a try as well. Do you agree with my list? What is yours? Let me know in the comment section and until next week!

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