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Wayward Sisters! Let’s talk about Supernatural’s last episode and Wayward Sisters’ first

Hello, guys! This week I can’t stop thinking about the last episode of Supernatural! “Wayward Sisters” is finally here! Fans have been waiting and going far and beyond to see this happening and it did! Wayward Sisters is the new spin-off tv show from Supernatural and it will follow the hunts the most beloved female characters SPN has introduced over the years. Last week’s tenth episode of the show was titled “Wayward Sisters” and it served as a backdoor episode for the new show of the same name!

We have Jody, Clare, Alex, Dona, and Patience teaming up with Kaia, who we saw in the last episode. Sam and Dean vanished into the Bad Place and it’s time for the kickass women to come to the rescue.

The idea of a whole female spin-off is not new! The SPN-family has been demanding it for years now and with a very clear view of which characters they want in. That comes to show that when you speak loud enough, things come to be. The SPN crew took some time building up these particular characters and it paid off – if the CW agrees, next fall we’ll have our Wayward Sisters.

I was beyond myself watching this crucial episode and it was amazing, so let’s talk about it! First, it came as a huge surprise that the story seems to be around Clare and not Jody. Clair is an interesting character, no doubt, but the teen life crisis can come off too strong. She was always longing to go solo and they had to do some quick swifts to make her the pivotal member of a family that hunts together. But it turned out good, in my opinion.

Second, I think the boys were made to look a bit too dumb for my taste. They were hiking around for days being unable to find the door they came out from?! They are hunters! They’ve been trained literally their whole lives to deal with situations like these! Now we’re supposed to believe they somehow forgot all about it so two girls can come and save the day! And before you say it, yes, I know, Kaia knows the place and they don’t but still! That was my only minus.

Moving on to the positive things – Dona is back and she is absolutely adorable! She makes us laugh without coming off too strong in a show that is supposed to be horror. She is one of my favorite characters and can’t wait to see more of her! Thankfully that would happen this week because she joins forces with the Winchesters in the new episode yet again! Blessed!

More on the humorous side, we have Dean being Dean! No one else would be talking food and running with a lizard on a grill around the Bad Place! I love when they bring out this side of his character! Usually sad and tortured, there is no one better than Dean when it comes to cracking jokes!

I loved the line: “They were on a hunting trip and I haven’t heard from them in a few days” as a throwback to the most repeated line in the show for the first two seasons! Also, did you get the other wink to the shows first intros? No! Was it just me or does that seemed very familiar?



Another well-known for the SPN fans theme is the psychic one – Patience comes as the new Sam! Clare is the new Dean! This sounds so weird!

I was amazed that the show was able to get not three but six incredible characters for the new spin-off. This is very unconventional and not many other shows have done that successfully. These women are some weird and cool mixture of Zina and Buffy! The fight scenes we just so good, so beautifully done and I loved them.

The choice of music and the opening song, in particular, was very good. Hell Storm and their “I am the fire” are so fitting for the main topic of this new epic show! Female rock band for a female cast that rock! It fires me up! I can’t wait to see more!

It’s the right time for this show. This world of the Winchester brothers was so dominantly male, which, don’t get me wrong, is one of the reasons why it works and is the way it is. However, with more than 90% female fandom, another representation was badly needed.

How excited are you for Wayward Sisters?


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