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Month: February 2018

5 Quick Book Recommendations | #StrikeBackVideoAThon | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Hello, dear DRAGONS! I’ve been meaning to do this article for a while now and when I saw it in the list of #StrikeBackVideoAThon I thought to myself  “Well, it’s time to get off your bum and write”. So here Read More

🎬 TvTube 🎬 Tv shows that have changed my life Tag 2018 | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Hello, guys and welcome back to my little corner. It’s time for another tag but this time… SURPRISE! It’s a TV TAG! So without any more jibber jabber, let’s dive into the questions!   What tv show(s) do you remember Read More

🎬 TvTube 🎬 Tv shows that ended too soon | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Ok, you know how obsesses I get with shows and how hard it is for me to dump shows even if it starts to suck. Now imagine how I feel when shows I love end or even worse get cancel Read More

🐲 Хрониките на Книжния Дракон 🐲 Идиотът в мен от Радослав Младенов | Ревю | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Дълго време се чудех и маех дали да пусна ревю на български. Ами ако пусна – добре, ама кое ревю? Дали да не напиша няколко реда за позната българска творба? Може би класика? Нещо на Вазов? Или пък на Талев? Read More

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