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Hello, guys and welcome back to my little corner. It’s time for another tag but this time… SURPRISE! It’s a TV TAG! So without any more jibber jabber, let’s dive into the questions!


What tv show(s) do you remember the most watching as a kid?

Definitely Tom and Jerry. When I’m having my “Go back to being a kid” days, I still turn on an episode or 10.

What tv show(s) do you love the most and couldn’t get enough of?

This one is really hard because not only do I watch a lot of shows, but I love a lot of shows. It makes sense, really. So I’m going to list my favorite shows that I binge watch and marathon at least once a year:


The Big Bang Theory



How I Met Your Mother

The Librarians

What is the weirdest tv show(s) you have ever watched?

I don’t know what can go for weird… I found Misfits very unconventional, not usually a type of show I watch. Sense8, on the other hand, is much more up my alley but I still thought it was confusing at times and full of plot holes but I still got hooked.

What tv show(s) did you wanna hate, but ended up loving it?

I guess that happens with shows that at first, you watch ironically and then you realize you’re hooked. For me that would be The Challenge – I started watching it just for the physical stuff and thought “These people are crazy”, now I can’t wait to see the newest episode and find out who’s doing what.

Which movie would you like to see as a TV show?

The Percy Jackson series. The books are very good, the movies were … ugh, not good. With so many characters that come later on and so much action, I think it would be better in a tv format.

What’s your favorite Horror tv show(s)?

SUPERNATURAL. I don’t dig the horror genre at all but these guys get me!

What tv show(s) would you like to see remade/reboot?

The Class. I don’t know if anyone remembers this one. It had only 17 episodes way back, at least 6 years ago but it really cracked me up and I was very disappointed when it got canceled. Also maybe Charmed – it was great!










What tv show(s) would you like to have one more season?

I would love one more season of every show! Definitely Supernatural. I wished Game of Thrones was not to end this year. Sherlock also comes to mind. You know what, I wrote an article on TOP 5 Most Anticipated TV Shows in 2018, which covers this question quite nicely. Check it out here .

What Hollywood actor would you like to see star in his/her own tv show?

I don’t know.  Maybe, Daniel Radcliff, he would be interesting to watch.

Which tv character do you feel should have died/lived?

I have a couple here. So first – Ramsey Bolton but that is totally for selfish reasons because I like Iwan and I just thought Ramsey was so disgusting, even worse than Joffrey, which amazed me. Second, Bobby SPN – I know we get him almost every year anyway but still! Lastly, I have to go with Jasper from The 100 – his death was coming for 2 seasons and I know he wasn’t even supposed to survive the first couple of episode of the show but still, I wished we could have kept him.

So that is it. I feel like I cheated a little bit by giving multiple answers here and there but who cares! I had so much fun with this tag and I recommend you try it, too! TAG! Don’t forget to send me your tags in the comment section! I’ll see you soon and till then I leave you my video!


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