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5 Quick Book Recommendations | #StrikeBackVideoAThon | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Hello, dear DRAGONS! I’ve been meaning to do this article for a while now and when I saw it in the list of #StrikeBackVideoAThon I thought to myself  “Well, it’s time to get off your bum and write”. So here we go! I’ve come up with 5 BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS, divided by genre and I’m going to use only 3 words to describe each one. It was a nice exercise to find the best words to convey the beauty of these books, so let’s just dive in already.


Revenge of the Nerd: The man who would become bugger by Curtis Armstrong.

My rating: 5 DRAGONS

3 WORDS: Brutally peculiar comedy. 






Originals, How non-conformists change the world by Adam Grant.

3 WORDS: How creativity works.

My rating: 7 DRAGONS



Crime Mystery:

And then there were none by Agatha Christie.

3 WORDS: Island. Strangers. Murders. 

My rating: 7 DRAGONS





The Original Fairy tales of Brothers Grimm

3 WORDS: Dark. Weird. Uncensored. 

My rating: 6 DRAGONS





Frankenstein by Mary Shelly.

3 WORDS: Monsters create monsters.

My rating: 6 DRAGONS

Hey, that was fun! I should do this again and soon! Tell me what you think, that’s what the comment section is for!

#StrikeBackVideoAThon is organized by booktubers as an answer to YouTube’s changes of the conditions for the Partnership Program. I’ve shared my thoughts on in it in the video, so you can check all of it out just by clicking ⬇

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