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🐲 THE BOOKDRAGON CHRONICLES 🐲 Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson Review | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Welcome back, dear BOOKDRAGONS! How have you been? Did February treat you well? How was your reading? I had a very nice reading month and since I kind of started it with series, I thought it’s only fitting to make February a month for reading series. I was also craving a nice murder mystery after spending a month and a half with Raven boys and demigods ( The Raven Cycle and Heroes of Olympus 😉 ) So it was a no-brainer – I picked up Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson.

The book was released nearly a month ago and after reading the sample, I couldn’t wait to put my hands on it. I’d never read anything by the author before so I thought this should be interesting.

The Story:

Ellingham Academy is practically Hogwarts but for muggles. Everyone with some talent has a chance to get in and once they do, they are in for a treat. Fancy buildings, enormous library with access to almost every book in the world, cozy school houses, endless supplies for whatever you might need – machines, musical instruments, statues – you name it and someone will make sure you get it. All of it for free. The founder Albert Ellingham had a vision – learning has to be a game – fun and thrilling, so he made sure to create a school that teaches in that exact way. It was all well until his family was kidnapped and there was a note – a riddle signed by Truly Devious. Then the mystery began. 80-years later Steve Bell, 17-year old detective-in-the-making, comes to Ellingham with one thing in mind – solve the mystery.

My thoughts:

I enjoyed this book so much. It was exactly what I was expecting –  a fun and thrilling read. The main character Steve was interesting, engaging and relatable. The ensemble was diverse and fun to get to know. The action was very fast pace with various interactions between the characters. One thing that I particularly enjoyed was the fact that Steve suffered from anxiety and Maureen Johnson did such a great job describing how does a panic attack feel – in great details and it really sucked me into the emotions of the character.

The other thing I was very happy with was the way the book was written and how the story of the mystery was told. It kicks off with a character that I really liked and started to connect with, but that wasn’t Steve – it was someone that is supposed to give us a clue. Since there is 80 years’ time jump between the two storylines, we get to find out step by step what everyone knows about the mystery and how did all happened. There are letters, newspapers articles and FBI interview logs that fill the puzzle piece by piece.

Needless to say -I devoured this book in 3 days and now I’m kind of sad because I have to wait to read the next one.

My rate:

                                 🐲 🐲 🐲 🐲 🐲 🐲

With no problem – 6 DRAGONS. I highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for some mystery with brain teasers, detective flair and a little romance (just a little, though, I am not really into pink romantic love stories).

As always you can check out my video review and don’t forget to say “Hi” in the comments!

With that, I leave you until next week. Keep on reading!

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