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🐲 THE BOOKDRAGON CHRONICLES 🐲 Renegades by Melissa Meyer Non-Spoiler Review | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Today’s book is Renegades by Marissa Mayer. This was my first experience with the author, The Lunar Chronicles are on my list but I thought why not read the newest book from the author.

The book came out in November last year and it’s the first one in the series by the same name, where the second one – Archenemies should be published sometime this year. I decided to go with audiobook and I was very happy with the narrators and the quality.

The Story:

In the near future, the world is aware of the existence of people with special abilities and they are called prodigies. Now, of course, not all prodigies are good-hearted – we have the good ones and the evil ones. There was a time where the evil prodigies ruled the world and it was a devastating time of destruction and darkness. The good guys – The Renegades put a stop to it – they fought, they won and now they decide how to rule the world. Multiple gangs are trying to fight them, one of which is The Anarchists.

Nova is a prodigy, whose parents died when she was a child and now she is one the Anarchists. Adrian is also a prodigy, who was raised by the Renegades and now he is one of them. Nightmare is the new player in the battle between the Renegades and the Anarchists and The Centennial is the guy no one knows anything about and no one trusts him. All of them are mixed together in the upcoming war between two groups of prodigies who all think they know better than the other.

My thoughts:

The world is pretty much a Superhero universe. They are no police, no army, nothing but the Renegades – they make rules and they make sure everyone follows them. They also have the status of celebrities – people worship them and grow up wanting to be them. We have a lot very kick-ass superpowers – fire ones, flying ones and more. That was an interesting side to explore where people were valued not only because of fighting abilities but also abilities likes – no need of sleep or power over animals.

I liked the main characters – they were fun to get to know and they have very distinguished personalities. The interaction between them was to be expected but it was still interesting and enjoyable.

I liked very much the take Nova has on the world – where she thinks the Renegades rule a world of learned helplessness. The people with no powers feel inadequate and they completely surrender to the ones with special powers. They think they can’t do anything and that’s why they rely on the Renegades for everything. The Anarchists don’t want to be ruled – they want to be free, they want everyone to be free and to learn how to fight for themselves and for what they want.

On the other hand, we have Adrien, who sees how he can make things better for the people even if that means changing the rules the Renegades created. He also points out how much pressure the Renegades endure in order to take care of everything and deal with things so the people don’t have to.


I enjoyed this book a lot and cannot wait for the next one in the series!


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I recommend this one to everyone who’s up for a little superhero time with moral dilemmas and some superpower fun!

As always, you can check out my video on the subject and with that, I’ll see you next time. Keep on reading!




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