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TvTube | Another Tv show TAG – There are just so many shows to talk about | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Welcome back, guys! It’s another tv tag that I’m doing today simply because there are a lot of shows to talk about and I just want to talk and talk and talk. So jumping straight into the questions!


I would have to say The Big Bang Theory. The reason is that from the pilot, you know exactly what this shows is going to be about. Yes, after 10 seasons the story has changed and the focus is very different, but hey – it still cracks me up!

I don’t have such!



Gotta go with Bones here. The two-episode finale was a great summary of the show’s essence and it closed in a way that makes a return possible!
Las Vegas. It didn’t have a finale!
The Class! Have you met me?
I have three – Game of Thrones, Black Sails and Elementary! Such good tunes!
I don’t have a favorite one – a have a lot. Brooke Davis form OTH, Amy from The Big Bang Theory, DONNA AND JODY SPN! So many!
I don’t think I’ve much explaining to do – Dean is funny, brave and when he is sad, he breaks your heart!
Don’t have least favorite just some I don’t like, for more ranting about this check out the video below.
To everyone’s suprise it’s not a member of the SPN Family. It’s Bellamy from The 100. Again, no explaining, just look at him!
Tom and Jerry!
Maybe because I was a teen when I was watching it – One Tree Hill.
More than one show here as well – The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural (check here), Friends, How I Met Your Mother… need I go on? A lot!


I have no such thing.
Tom and Jerry.
The Challenge. There is so much drama, back stabing, flirts, fights and so on and I can’t stop watching!
Well, I guess it might feel slightly awkward to watch Game of Thrones or some particularly sexually packed episode of Vikings with your parents. But I think there are worst things.
Sherlock. I’ve seen other very good ones but Sherlock is the best.
Those two’s!
If I have to be myself – How I Met Your Mother. I feel that I would fit in perfectly with the shenanigans and the beer drinking! If I could play someone – SUPERNATURAL!!!
Woah! That was all! I had so much fun doing this and I highly recommend you do the tag if you want. You can share your answers with me in the comment section. I leave you with the video and I’ll see you next week.


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