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Modern Family Tv Review | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Hello, dear TV buffs! Today we’re doing something new here on this blog. As you might have noticed, tv shows hold a big place in my mind and I have a lot to say about a lot of shows. I’ve been racking my brain for more than 6 months to come up with an idea on how to structure my tv talks and I finally found the solution. It’s nothing new, a lot of people are probably doing it, it’s a very popular concept with books and movies and I was already doing it with both of those, so implementing it to my tv talks seems like the natural progression. I’m talking about tv show reviews. I watch a ton of shows and I give so many recommendations to people around me on what watch that doing it here feels right.

So this is my first official tv show review and I’ve chosen a great show to start with. Plus, seeing how they’re on their last season this year, it almost seems like it’s meant to be. The show is Modern Family and the time is now, so buckle up and let’s go.

The Story:

It’s a big family, consisting of three smaller families that deal with life, problems, crises and raising children in a fun and entertaining way. Jay Pritchett portrayed by tv icon Ed O’Neill has recently re-married to the much younger than him Columbian beauty Gloria and has adopted her little son Many. Claire, Jay’s daughter has a typical American family with her high on life husband Phil with three kids – Haley, Alex, and Luke. Jay’s son Mitchel is becoming a father himself when he and his partner Cameron adopt a Vietnamese baby – Lilly. All three families are getting together on daily basis and try to figure out life and themselves. As the name suggests the show tells the stories of modern-day families encountering life problems in a fun and emotional way.

My thoughts:

It’s adorable to see all these representations of three very different family dynamics. We have various types of parents and parent-children relationships, as well as sibling relationships, not to mention that all of these people have a completely unique and different approach to life. All of this makes for a great comedy.

One of the most notable things about this show that really outlines it from the other family comedies is that it is shot as a documentary. All of the characters talk in front of a camera and tell their point of view while simultaneously the audience sees the action. The cinematography is refreshing and the liberties they take with the storytelling engage me more and more with every episode.

The other thing that is consistent with the show, no matter the different and original episodes they make, is that they follow a frame – a lot of things may happen during the episode, that are ridiculously funny but we always have two or three characters pairing up in various combinations and there are always emotional, inspiring and motivational scenes at the end of it, followed by a hilarious short scene.

Since this is such a huge cast, a family tree might be useful:


Favorite characters:

I love Phil – he is so full of sunshine and Mitch and Cam are making me laugh so hard every time they’re on the screen.


Since this is new on the blog and I haven’t come up with a unique system like my book rating one, I’ll do the normal thing and use stars from 1 to 10. This show gets all 10!

Personal recommendations:

It’s perfect to watch with the family or when you need a pick me up because no one can stay sad when you’re watching such an honest and hilarious bunch.

As always I share my video on the same show and hope to see you soon with another intriguing post. Until then, I am curious to hear what you think about this show so don’t be shy and say hello in the comments.

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