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Welcome back, BOOKDRAGONS! Are you ready? Because I’m about to rant your ears off! The book series is The Raven Cycle, the author is Maggie Stiefvater and the struggle is real! I have been hearing about these books for some time now and in January I finally decided to give them a go. For the sake of not ruining anyone’s experience with them – for the first time ever, I’m dividing this article into NO SPOILERS and SPOILERS part. So here we go!



Blue has always known she will kill her first love if she kisses him, so to be in the clear – she won’t kiss anyone, in fact, she stays away from boys, especially Aglionby boys.

Gansey has traveled the world and now has settled in Henrietta, Virginia because he believes there is a sleeping Welsh king hidden here. His life’s quest is to wake him because Glendower grants a wish to whoever does.

Adam is desperate to graduate Aglionby and get out of the trailer park his family lives in. He works multiple jobs just so he can afford to attend the prestige high school, while also helping Gansey on his quest.

Ronan doesn’t care about school. He cares about Gansey and helps him out. His family secret, however, is always in the way. His father died and Ronan was the one who found him. Ever since his death he and his brothers are forbidden to go back to their house and to see their mother until they turn 18.

Noah is quiet, cold, no, literally cold and keeps to himself a lot. His secret will shock any human being.

All five of them are destined to become a part of each other’s lives and try to find Glendower together.



In this world magic is real and everyone’s ok with it. There is no shock, no hesitation. You’re a psychic? Cool! It was a bit refreshing but also it felt like it was missing a lot of the fun a reader can have discovering a magical world.

We have four main characters, however, there is no shortage of secondary and supporting ones. With the exception of the first one, every book introduces a new villain with a definite gradation – the previous leads to the next.


  • A lot of information that wasn’t explained at length and left me feeling very confused. I still don’t understand how exactly did the magic work and how and why some characters were supernatural.
  • The end was disappointing with a lot of loose ends and again – left me with tons of questions.


  • It moved very fast
  • The main characters were fleshed out and as you read you really feel like you know these people and can’t help but get attached to them.
  • The writing style of Maggie Stiefvater – descriptive but not over the top and for some reason I felt a New Orleans’ vibe


My favorite book: The Dream Thieves

My favorite characters: Adam and Ronan



It took some math but here it is:




The end of the series was very disappointing – I looked around in some discussions and I’ve never seen so many people having so many of the same questions. I’ll list mine while trying not to scream and if someone can answer them – I’ll be so grateful!

Why did Gansey die? Because of the kiss or because he wished it so?

Where does Capeswater come from and is its power in Gansey now?

What happened to Moira? Or the Grey Man? Is Artemis still the tree over at 300 Fox Way? What happened to Gwendoline?

Why Persephone had to die?

What exactly was the point of Noah past the first book? Why no one talked about him vanishing at the end?

Why the hell did we need Henry so late in the story?

Who cares about the black market thieves and killers or about Henry’s mother?


Sorry, I said no screaming but GHR!

On a happier note – I loved Adam and Ronan. In my opinion, they were the most fleshed out characters and I really felt for both of them. It was their relationship that made the series for me from the start! I picked up on the romantic feeling and the potential there at the end of the first book and rooted for them until the end! Their wrap up was more satisfying than Gansey’s and Blue’s because WHO THE HELL NEEDS HENRY? Look, I liked the guy, ok, I genuinely did. I just didn’t see the point of him. At all! If he wasn’t there everything would have happened exactly as it did.

In all honesty, I feel like Maggie gave us Adam and Ronan so we’ll close our eyes for the rest. Giving my overall satisfaction of the series – it worked!

What do you think about The Raven Cycle? Did you see my video? No? What are you waiting for? Click right down and I will see you over at YouTube.

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