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Welcome back, BOOKDRAGONS! Welcome back to my little corner of the world. Today, I’m sharing with you my thoughts on “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell.  This was one of the most talked about books on booktube and in the book community as a whole and I thought I should give it a try.


Cath is an introvert who loves to write fan fiction and would love to become a writer someday but for that to happen she has to go to college first. She has a twin sister Wren who is outgoing and wants to take in everything the college can offer, including having her own roommate, who isn’t Cath. So now Cath has to dive into situations that scare her while also dealing with things like friendship, crushes, socializing – all foreign concepts for her. All she wants to do is barricade herself in her room and write about Simon and Baz. Life, however, has other things in mind.



I have to say – Cath is very likable! She feels genuine and the representation of introversion and social anxiety that is accomplished by her character was very good. That is probably why Fangirl took the book society by storm. Cath is strong, she is not afraid to speak her mind and she doesn’t make compromises with who she is no matter how weird and non-social that makes her look.

Fan fiction has a huge place in the story. The way Cath talks about it and the commitment she makes to write it are quite impressive. I personally was never big on fan fiction and only read some back when the Harry Potter series were still coming out and I needed magic badly in my life. However, I think I was still able to appreciate the importance that holds for Cath.

The love. Just like in “The Upside of Unrequited” crushes play a big part here. Since the main characters are all in college and the target audience is in the same age group, which makes all the sense in the world. The love story was very nicely developed and over-all well written. It didn’t steal the focus, though, and the author mixed it or should I say – intertwined it, with the fan fiction in a way that was gentle and just perfect.



🐲  🐲  🐲  🐲  🐲

I enjoyed this book very much and that is why I’m giving it 5 DRAGONS. It deserves the hype and it makes me smile every time I think about it, which is how I know it was good.

I was brief and to the point with reviewing this one and there are plenty of things I didn’t even mention because I don’t want to give too much away. The same thing goes for the video review, so you can check it out, see if I’m lying.

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