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The Lindt Chocolate Museum


Hello, my fellow travelers! I haven’t posted a lot of travel stories lately, my mood felt victim to the winter melancholy. But that is in the past! It’s summer and my wanderlust has awakened!

Today’s post is about a very sweet and delicious place – The Chocolate Museum in Cologne, Germany. For beautiful shots of the place and some history,  you can click on the video.



I am no stranger to Köln or Cologne as they also call it for some reason. I’ve visited the city on multiple occasions and I love coming back. The museum has a lot to do with it since this year was my third visit to the factory. Yes, it’s not a mistake on my part – the museum is a working Lindt chocolate factory! How awesome is that?!


You can find information on the official site here about opening hours and costs. No surprises – it’s open Monday through Friday from 10 am until 6 pm, 11 am till 7 pm on the weekends and the adult ticket is €11.

The museum has a candy shop and a beautiful restaurant facing the river. One more perk is the opportunity to create your own individual chocolate, a process that takes about 40 minutes. My tip is to make sure you have the time to explore and taste so don’t go in an hour before closing. I would visit the museum first since this is where you can order your chocolate and go to the shop and the restaurant later. That way you won’t end up with melted chocolate unless that is what you want.

The tour can take from 1 hour to 2 and more, depending on how thorough you are but there places to sit and take a break. Be aware if you’re visiting with kids or you’re a fan yourself – there is an entire room dedicated to Kinder Toys and kid games, so you can lose 1 hour on that alone.

The photographs and videos are allowed and there are lots of opportunities for awesome shots.

If you travel by car, my advice is to look for nearby supermarkets like Lidl, where you don’t have to pay for parking. You can also use the Mall parking like the one in Galeria or Karlstadt where the costs are significantly lower than parking on the streets. Just for reference, on my last visit, we parked in Karlstadt and paid €12 for 6 hours.

That is all, folks! I hope you found the post useful and if you want to share your experience or ask more questions, leave a comment. Happy travels!

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