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The Cologne Cathedral Germany Kölner Dom | ALL AROUND THE WORLD | WELCOME TO MY MIND


The Cologne Cathedral is the most visited tourist attraction in Germany and it is part of the World Heritage. It’s the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe and as someone who has stood right there, at the foot of it I can tell it makes you feel so small. It is a real humble experience.

You can see its beauty in the video.

The Cathedral square is always full of people, there many street artists and tourists, so one very tip is to hold on to your belongings. There is no fee to enter the cathedral and you can film and photograph everything in it. The only requirement is to be dressed appropriately, so no shorts or showing cleavage, it’s a church after all.

If you happened to be here during the Christmas Holidays, you should definitely try to visit the big Christmas Market that usually takes place near the Cathedral for some mulled wine.




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