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ALL AROUND THE WORLD: Places to visit while in Cologne/Köln Germany


Cologne or in German – Köln, is one of the largest cities in Germany and is best known for the chocolate, the beer, and the perfume. What a combination!

The city is big and it combines the beauties of both the modern era and the past. In this article, I’m going to share with you my top 4 places to visit if you ever find yourself in Köln.

  1. Cologne Cathedral or Kölner Dom

The Cologne Cathedral is the second highest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe. Iconic for this church, in particular, are the two towers and the black color that the Cathedral seems to have. I personally love to visit because it’s quite humbling to stand at the foot of this grandiose landmark.

  1. The Skulpt Park or Skulpturen Park

The Germans have dedicated a whole park to weird, funny and sometimes ridiculous sculptures that you might find enjoyable.

  1. The Lindt Chocolate Museum

Now this one is a delight. The Museum is a Lindt working factory that lets you in on the history and modern process of chocolate making. You can see what is going on behind the scenes while enjoying free chocolate.

  1. The beer

Ok, now we’re talking. As a beer lover, I cannot let you visit Köln without trying out their local beer – Kölsch. It’s a light Pilsner that the region is known for and it cannot be brewed anywhere else. There’re beer tours all over the city but you can simply go to the restaurants and bars and give this beer a try.

So this is it for Cologne, I hope you found useful information and don’t forget to share your own experience in the comments. HAPPY TRAVELS!


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