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TvTube | The Originals TV REVIEW


You guys have no idea for how long I’m dying, DYING to talk to you about The Originals /TO/! Ever since I started this weird awesome adventure called WELCOME TO MY MIND, I know that eventually, we are going to get to TO. Now, when our tv talks are shaping to something of a review / me ranting about my favorite shows, I think the perfect time has come.

So for those of you, who are unfamiliar with the story, I’m going to give you the summary but first I have to mention how the idea of the show even came to be. The Originals is a spin-off of the Vampire Diaries and it aired its last episodes at the spring/summer season of 2018 after opening the door for ANOTHER SPIN-OFF mainly of The Originals but also including some characters from The Vampire Diaries: Legacies.

So now we have a trifecta!


The creator of all, Julie Plec introduced the Mikaelson Family in the second season of TVD but the characters were so big and so well received, that CW gave them their own show.


Klaus Mikaelson is the most powerful creature in the world. He was a werewolf but after his witch of a mother turns his whole family into vampires, he becomes a hybrid – both wolf and vampire and deadly to everyone who dares stands in his way. Bringing havoc and death to Mystic Falls /were apparently all-powerful creatures end up TVD/, he meets Haley, a werewolf who doesn’t know her parents but is strangely connected to New Orleans, a city the Mikaelsons once ruled over. After a night of fun, she gets pregnant and the witches of The French Courter prophecies this is going to be the magical miracle baby, the baby of the hybrid.   So the Mikaelson go back to New Orleans only to find that there is a new king who had enslaved both the witches and the werewolves and who they once knew all too well.


Truth be told, The Originals is a much better show than the Vampire Diaries. It is darker, bloodier and much more fun. There is only one teenager and she is pretty damn badass. The show centers on the family ties, the political games and the magical history of the dark and full of wonders city of New Orleans. I love that the city is a character in the story and all of its magical allure is used time and time again.

The approach here is bolder and the witches and werewolf are more involved than ever in the story. I LOVE IT!

Klaus is as always sassy, mischievous and diabolical. Elijah is still noble and righteous /at least in the beginning/ and Rebekah angrier, more hilarious and good-hearted than ever. The trio is joined by Hayley, who is wild, tenacious and a true opponent to Klaus. Don’t forget Marcel, who is fun, secretive and weirdly tender.

I was in love with the first 2 seasons of the show and couldn’t get enough! Later on, things took turns but it was still interesting and once you’re hooked, you go to the end with this crazy people! Not only the five main characters were very rich and engaging but the show introduced so many new characters that almost stole the scene! Not mention old ones coming back and lots of crossovers with the TVD gang.

Now, if I have to be COMPLETELY HONEST with you, the last season was kind of a downer. It had some good episode and I enjoyed some storylines quite a lot, but I was not happy with the ending. So next time around I’ll stop at season 4.

My favorites:

Klaus, Rebekah, Hayley, Davina, Vincent, and Kol


/because of season 3 and season 5/

But if you haven’t seen it, trust me, it’s a good show. Don’t let yourself be fooled, if you didn’t enjoy The Vampire Diaries that doesn’t mean you’re not gonna like this one. It is different and it is better!


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