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Everyone has thought of it. Don’t pretend you haven’t. This ABC drama was an instant hit not only because of the award-winning actors on the cast but because of the action and the unique storytelling.


Annalise Keating is a prominent criminal defense attorney and law professor at Middleton University. Each year she picks five new law students to intern at her firm. This year’s lucky winners are in for a treat, or a murder. The show opens with the group after the fact, shaking, scrambling and right on panicking on what to do next.  Oh, yeah and they are burying a dead body.

Who died? Who is the murderer? What the hell happened? 


My thoughts:

The show is incredible! So thrilling and intense! The further you go into the story, the more confused you are as to what happened. Every episode is constant of flashback and flash forward sequences, as the series open with something called “in medias res” – opening in the midst of the plot. The really surprising part? It is not at all confusing to follow, the viewer is so incredibly aware of the plot lines that there is no way to get lost in the story.

The show is still on the air with its 5 season running right now and I cannot be happier.

My favorite characters:

Wes, Carter, Olly and Asher. Yeah, the boys club! They are fun and very engaging! Viola Davis is amazing as well in her portrayal of Annalise, going to such dark places and acting out in a rough but very realistic and consuming way the emotions and struggles of the character.

My rate: 10⭐

Not even the major twist in season 4 was able to hurt and slow down the show!

Do you agree? Are you fans? Did I make you want to check it out?



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