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Пещерата Дяволското гърло и Орлово око | ОКОЛО СВЕТА | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Мисля си, че колкото по-далече е човек от България, толкова по-голям интерес се събужда към неща, чисто български, които дори не са му идва ли наум. Или само при мен е така?  Ето, например аз съм родена и съм израстнала Read More

ALL AROUND THE WORLD: Places to visit while in Cologne/Köln Germany

  Cologne or in German – Köln, is one of the largest cities in Germany and is best known for the chocolate, the beer, and the perfume. What a combination! The city is big and it combines the beauties of Read More

The Cologne Cathedral Germany Kölner Dom | ALL AROUND THE WORLD | WELCOME TO MY MIND

  The Cologne Cathedral is the most visited tourist attraction in Germany and it is part of the World Heritage. It’s the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe and as someone who has stood right there, at the foot of Read More

The Lindt Chocolate Museum

  Hello, my fellow travelers! I haven’t posted a lot of travel stories lately, my mood felt victim to the winter melancholy. But that is in the past! It’s summer and my wanderlust has awakened! Today’s post is about a Read More

🌍 ALL AROUND THE WORLD 🌍 Asenovgrad Come see my hometown

Hello and welcome back bookdragons, tv wizards, and travel seekers! You might know my name by now and you probably figured out that I love to talk about books, tv shows, beer, and travels. But what you don’t know is Read More

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