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Dragons and Imps PART II

Dragons and Imps

by Rumyana Bumbarova



They ran to the hole in the fencing and he pushed her through without letting go of her hand. But he wasn’t that careful when he was passing through and he scratched his leg. They didn’t stop running for at least ten minutes. When they were at a safe distance from the Theater they finally stopped to catch their breath.

  • Are you ok? – Lena looked down at his leg.
  • Yeah, it just a scratch, you know, to match yours – they laughed and scare the crap out of a passing by cat.
  • Come on, let me see.

He sat down on the street and pulled up his jeans. His scratch was a little bigger than hers but it didn’t look worse.

  • Pity, we don’t have a beer now. – He joked.
  • Guess again – she opened up the cane she grabbed at the last moment.
  • Ok, you are officially the craziest girl I have ever met – his laughter was one of the best sounds in the world.
  • Yeah, I know, you are lucky – she spilled a little beer over the scratch. – What would you do without me?

He stood up and put his hands around her waist.

  • I don’t know.

And he kissed her again and again. Gently, but still with passion and fire.

  • It’s time to go if we wanna catch the last train back home – he barely whispered in her ear.
  • Mhm – she couldn’t find it in her to let go of him, so she kept kissing him.
  • Maybe the train seats would be more comfortable.
  • For what? – she looked at him with pretend modesty.
  • Mhm, I don’t know – his hand smoothly brushed her cheek – for snogging.

They were both laughing and walking down the street. They got to the train station right on time. As luck would have it, the train was full. Somehow they found an empty seat set and were just about to continue their fun activity when an old man sat across from them.

“Now, that’s a buzz kill!”

They had some small talk and they ended up hearing all about the old man’s children and grandchildren. At last, they heart “Next stop Asenovgrad”. They said their goodbyes with the chatty passenger and rushed through the doors.

  • Oh, this was the longest ride ever – he took her hand and kissed her – So, can I take you home?
  • Let’s go – she kissed him one more time and they left the station.

They were halfway there when his phone rang:

Take it from me
When you start it’s just a matter of time
Any minute you will cross that line
Take it from me
You never think about the price that you pay

She caught the screen with the corner of her eye and read – Ben.

  • Sorry, it’s my roommate, I have to take it.
  • It’s ok, don’t worry.

She used the time to text her friends that she has something huge to tell them tomorrow.

  • I’m so sorry, but my stupid roommate has gotten himself drunk and can’t leave the bar. I have to go pick him up. – he stopped and when Lena turned around she saw he really was unhappy.
  • Yeah, of course, go take care of your friend, you can take me home another time. – she kissed him.

She intended it to be a small and quick kiss but he grabbed her and pressed her so hard against his body, she could barely breathe. They were kissing lustfully, his hands were on her back and she found hers on his cute butt.

  • You better go, while you can – Lena pulled back a little.
  • Oh, I hate my roommate – he grinned, biting gently her lower lip.
  • Well, at least I know his name – she smiled, pushed him against the nearby building and pointed her finger at him like a gun – Are you ever gonna tell me yours?
  • Jay, my name is Jay – she kissed him while still pressing him against the wall.
  • Aren’t you gonna tell me yours? – He turned her around and now she was the one with her back against the wall and his body was pressed tightly against hers.
  • Well, don’t I get at least one kiss? – and before she knew it his lips were on hers.

He lifted her up and she locked her legs around his waist. She slowly combed his hair and moved down to his shoulders and then to his chest. She slipped her fingers under his shirt and felt his skin burning underneath. His hands were moving so fast on her back that he pulled up her shirt and she felt his fingers on her skin. It was the best feeling in the world. She was almost gonna lose herself in this hot, beautiful moment when she remembered that they were on the street and more importantly, they barely knew each other. She pulled back, jumped off of him and said:

  • This was great, we should do this again – she leaned in and kissed him lustfully – Soon.

Then she turned around, she made a few step and turn back just to see him standing there, breathing heavily and looking so freaking hot.

  • Oh, and by the way, my name is Lena – she smiled playfully and he smiled back with the most incredible smile in the world.

She got home and couldn’t stop thinking about him. That was her first date with Jay and it was the craziest one she ever had. There is no way she could have known that but from this day forward her world was going to change entirely.


Lena stopped typing and re-read the last sentence. That was it! That was the first chapter of her biography! She waited so long to write it. She was always busy and couldn’t find the time but now she was finally ready to do it. She felt such a rush, she thought she could write all night. And then she heard Ben’s voice:

  • Why aren’t you in bed yet?
  • We’re coming, sweetie – she turned off the computer and turned to her husband. Jay was just putting down his guitar. She jumped over him on the couch and kissed him so passionately as if they were back at the Theater.
  • Yay, that good, ha? – he was already halfway through her shirt’s buttons when the door opened.
  • Are you kidding me? Is that why I’m babysitting, so the two of you can get your freak on? – Ben was standing there looking a bit like that guard from the Theatre – I know musicians are supposed to have groupies, but Lena you are a psychologist, I expected better from you. What if my little godson walked in instead of me? What would you say to the little 3-year-old Ben?
  • I would say ‘Look, hun, his name serves him right. He interrupted a hot and sexy moment just like his uncle did on our first date. – Jay took a pillow and threw it at Ben – Now, can you please leave, so I can have my wife to myself? Thank you!

Ben smirked at them and closed the door on his way out. What followed was going to have its own chapter in Lena’s book, titled “How we almost didn’t have our daughter Monica because of uncle Ben, damn that guy!”










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