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Нови сериали през 2018-та

    Здравейте приятели, днес отново ще си говорим за сериали! Нов месец, нови сериали! Много ми се иска да ви представя няколко от новите заглавия, които живо събудиха интереса ми и нямам търпение да гледам тази година, а след Read More

25 Tv-ish Facts About Me TAG  🎬  GET TO KNOW WELCOME TO MY MIND

Hello, guys and welcome back to my little corner of the world. Today I decided to do another tag but this time it’s going to be all about tv shows. As you might be aware, tv shows are a huge Read More

🎬 TvTube 🎬 Tv shows that ended too soon | WELCOME TO MY MIND

Ok, you know how obsesses I get with shows and how hard it is for me to dump shows even if it starts to suck. Now imagine how I feel when shows I love end or even worse get cancel Read More

🎬 The Best Tv Shows Christmas Specials 🌲

There are just a four days left till Christmas is here, the holiday’s spirit is everywhere but let’s face it – for a tv buff, the best way to getting into that special Christmas mood is with… CHRISTMAS SPECIALS! The Read More

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